Enhanced Muzzle Brake With Blast Diffuser

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We are proud to introduce our new Enahnced Muzzle Brake that was speficically engineered for the CZ Scorpion platform but this will work on any 9mm barrel. We setout to offer an enhaced design compared to other traditional muzzle break designs on the market. This Product features a two piece locking collar design that completely removes the need for the product to be shimed or properly timed to the correct rotation. This also provides an acceptional lockup to your barrel. The Enhanced Muzzle Brake is also compatable with any Plan B suppressor adaptor and will adapt to almost any suppressor using the taper lock design.

This product also includes our Blast Diffuser that can be screwed on to the suppressor adaptor. This diffuser provides acceptional signature reduction when firing as well as sofens the percussion blast around you. It also protects the threads from getting damaged when not using a suppressor.

Whats Included:

1) Enhanced Muzzle Brake and Locking Collar/ suppressor host

2) Blast Diffuser

3) x2 spanner wrenches for properly locking the muzzle break down

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