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Did You Realize Your CZ Scorpion Could Detonate In Your Hands?

It’s true. A faulty striker block, found frequently in the CZ Scorpion, could allow an out-of-battery detonation.

Normally, the striker block helps prevent the firing pin from prematurely detonating the round before the bolt is in the battery. A defective striker block could allow a premature detonation which could destroy the firearm and injure the shooter.

Purchasing this part from CZ has been impossible.

Nexus Firearms has solved this problem by producing an upgrade to your CZ Scorpion which can help prevent this costly and dangerous detonation.

Our part is precision machined in the USA from military-grade titanium alloy. It can be replaced in minutes providing a solid upgrade to your firearm.

The Story Behind Nexus Firearms

Nexus Firearms was born from the know-how of a precision machine shop that manufactures complex parts for the medical, aerospace, and defense industries.

A core group of employees who were also firearm enthusiasts met to discuss gun components that they were not happy with or were having a hard time sourcing.   

These employees realized that rather than complaining about the problem, they had an opportunity to combine their skills and provide a solution to the dilemma.  Nexus Firearms was founded to solve problems encountered by firearm owners.  This company is dedicated to the production of precision, high-quality firearms components to solve problems that others in the industry overlook.

Because we are proud firearm owners like you, we are happy to hear about your experiences with our products and also items you would like to see us manufacture.

What's Included:
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We expect to have these pins available to purchase online in the middle of May 2022.  Enter your information below and we will contact as soon as the product is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because it helps to correct a potential safety issue with your CZ Scorpion by preventing an out-of-battery detonation.

The Striker Block is manufactured from Ti 6Al-4V ELI (MIL-T-9046) so it is lightweight and tough at the same time.  The spring is made out of stainless steel.

In theory, you can buy a replacement part from CZ, but these have been unavailable for ages.  This is why we took on manufacturing this highly critical part in the USA to ensure CZ owners can correct this risky defect and improve their firearm.

As they say, you can pay now or pay later… we think this is a necessary safety upgrade and that is why we are offering it to the CZ community.

Unless you are handy, consider having a certified gunsmith make the installation.  Alternatively, we have many customers who are able to make the installation in about 15-20 minutes, often using commercially available resources such as YouTube. 

This part is precision machined from military-grade titanium in our shop in Indiana, USA.

Yes, we stand by our work 100%.  If you aren’t happy about it for any reason, send everything back to us within 60 days and we will give you a refund.  You can email us at support [at]